comes, saut dans le vide
7:10pm / 08.9.14 /
I was reading some of your writing and I might have cried a little bit (whoops) you inspire me and I respect you and what you stand for so much! thank you x

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this makes me so teary eyed omg thank you so much lovely :’) it means so much to me that people connect to my writing on that level at all ❤️❤️❤️

vivi just said ‘i actually forget that u went to high school for some reason i thought u popped out of the womb with strong lipstick game quoting richard siken’ i feel this on a deep level

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sleep, chimes!!

ASKED BY saviorism

done sleep! chimes would be: rain!!! all kinds of rain make me feel so relaxed and soothed. i quite like the sound of passing traffic when i have the window open, the sound of my family moving around the house. soft guitar and also drums, really angsty drums, heels clicking on marble and warm northern voices.

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sleep, warmth, finds :')

ASKED BY timeofalbion

warmth - i am so so so incredibly attracted to people by their eyes. people who have eyes that are quite easy to read are so attractive bc they just emanate energy/emotion and i’m so drawn to ~~vibes it’s crazy. also shy cute nerdy boys will be my absolute downfall

finds - books or antique jewellery. probably also cute things like candle holders/mirrors, but most likely jewellery 

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sleep and marking? :)

ASKED BY Anonymous

sleep - my blanket i would cry without my blanket! also i sleep with at least 2 massive two pillows which i need at all times

marking - no tattoos, and i don’t think i’ll ever get one done

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ASKED BY browning

elder feminist mother figure please!!! i want to be the worldly woman with a massive library and a house full of warmth but also i want to be the kind of elder that always empowers and protects any kind of daughter figure because that is so so so important to me. also i will be the feisty sarcastic old lady who is well practised in the arts of elegant passive aggression and eyebrow arches hehe

Flannel shirt on the subway,
I love you.
Bodyguard arms, hands
clasped below the bellybutton.
Who are you protecting?

From across the train, I love you.
And maybe I can’t remember your
face, but I remember your clothes.

I remember the girl waiting for
you at the station and how your
body uncoiled at the sight of her.

I remember the slouch of your back once she touched you.

From the other end of Brooklyn,
I love you. Could have loved you.

Not as a stranger on the train,
not as a pair of eyes looking
too long, blinking.

Heart beating too fast
and screaming
not mine not mine not mine.

In another world, I am the dream on
the platform, one foot on the yellow
line, waiting for your walk.

I kiss the rigid out of you.

I take your name out from under my
tongue and hand it to you.

Caitlyn Siehl, Subway
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Paris, je t’aime (2006)


New York streets are faded to you these days. You still carry Tokyo in your heart, all winding, narrow streets and glowering neon street signs, flickering on and off with your breathing. You sit in half-empty bath tubs watching hot water run down your legs, thinking of you and your brother cycling home down tree-lined paths, cutting through puddles and rotten leaves until you were wet around the ankles.

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Adonis Bosso | Richard Chai SS15 Backstage MBFW New York, ph. Chelsea Lauren


Liminal Pathway (Other side of Tír na nÓg) (4)

©buron - September ‘14


Liminal Pathway (Other side of Tír na nÓg) (4)

©buron - September ‘14

Of course ghosts are real, they hide inside your bones.
– “10 Word Poem" series - #70  (via ameliespoulain)