wings wouldn't help you
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top 5 articles of clothing + top 5 skin care products

ASKED BY Anonymous

1. my high waisted blue jeans
2. my rings!!! are so important to me
3. sheer black blouse
4. all my shoes? esp my boots
5. my cute pleated skirts

i don’t really use skin care products because i have super super sensitive skin so i use creams like aveeno etc x

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Top 5 guilty pleasures

ASKED BY Anonymous

1. the devil wears prada is the all time ultimate guilty pleasure film
2. gilmore girls
3. stardust omg that film is my life
4. fantasy kids films and books sorry not sorry
5. reality cooking tv shows and competitions !!!

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Top 5 of your favorite pieces of writing by you.

ooooohh interesting question i’d say:

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top 5 subjectively relatable characters

ASKED BY Anonymous

i admire different traits in these people and relate to different ones for different reasons but:

1. violet baudelaire was my icon growing up
2. narcissa malfoy
3. astrid from white oleander
4. oliver tate from submarine
5. india from stoker

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top 5 toys you liked as a kid

ASKED BY Anonymous

1. drawing pencils and water colours
2. mini microwaves/toy cooking sets
3. polly!!!!! pocket!!!! houses!!!
4. i had this diy clay arts kit i was obsessed with and i used to make clay pots all the time
5. those tennis balls that were stuck to a post and you had to hit them round

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top five tropes you'd like to use in a story?

ASKED BY afterlithe

1. outsiders!! i love lonely tortured characters so much
2. homes/backstories - i’m obsessed at looking at where people come from and how they’re raised and that affects them completely once they’ve grown up
3. mothers !!!!!!!!!!!! i love looking at relationships around mothers and children so so much
4. settings? is that a trope? but again i love connecting settings to characters as a really interesting way of defining or contrasting them and using really obscure settings and making it /vital/ if you get me
5. women ruining men!! women who take full control of their sexuality, or lack thereof and own it!!! women!!!!!!

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what did you think of the goldfinch?

ASKED BY johnnkeats

i loved loved loved it!!!! it was slow but steady and so heavy with grief but in a beautiful, meaningful way and i thought characters like boris were like a match struck in the darkness. i thought the writing was gorgeous and even though sometimes the plot was sometimes a bit slower, it was so worth the read because it was such a beautiful story about grief and growth and the mourning in the boys lives. so worth the read! i thought it was delicate and clever and emotional which are all my favourite things and it really resonated after.


you know there’s something wrong
with this picture, like the dream we shared
with the eyes blacked out and our song calling
like sunset in the distance, almost
as though it were sorry, almost as though
it were breaking too. there’s nothing
tender here, only your hands
spread in surrender. you say you’re
tired of all of this, say it’s not
our fault, say this could be a
dream, if we wanted it to be.
you’re searching for words like a
wild horse running blind, trying
to find a way back to that desperate
body we called home, trying
to remember if it was breathing
to begin with, or whether we wished
that, and so much else, too.

"in place of an ending’, hafsa atique

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top 5 otps

ASKED BY Anonymous


  1. james/lily haha throw me in a ditch
  2. rory/jess from gilmore girls vomits
  3. ariadne/dionysus vomits some more
  4. veronica/jason in heathers
  5. ryan/driver and irene in drive
  6. theres a lot more but these are the top 5 from the top of my head
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top 5 characters you would go on an adventure with?

ASKED BY Anonymous

ooooooooo thats a cool one

1. boris from the goldfinch hands down even though he’d probably get me killed

2. henry winter from the secret histroy even tough he’d probably kill me

3. the baudelaire family pls pls pls

4. all the female characters from the bloody chamber

5. probably wouldn’t mind most the chars from hp either tbh

"Perhaps all a Tsaritsa is is a beautiful cold girl in the snow, looking down at someone wretched, and not yielding." — (Catherynne M. Valente, Deathless)


The edge of the canvas // The pallete of colors after the painting


"Open the door, my princess dear,
Open the door to thy true love here!

And mind the words that thou and I said,
By the fountain cool in the greenwood shade.”
- Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, The Frog Prince

(fairy tale series)


Palo Alto (2014) dir. Gia Coppola

"I think pain really only hurts if it’s for long"


Before Sunrise (1995)