wings wouldn't help you
Oh, the places you’ll leave!
Oh, the reasons you’ll have.
A moment of silence for those
you will not return for;
cannot return for.
Oh, the things you will miss.
Oh, the friends you will lose.
Your childhood bedroom with a window that led out to the roof. The roof you and your friends would smoke pot and read on. The roof Gino Serra jumped off of in 8th grade to prove he wouldn’t die. He didn’t die.
The basement that you and your friends dubbed “The Cove” and from then on, you were all cove brethren. The chalk board in the basement used to advertise what Chef’s choice was that night. The buds on the table. The pills between the couch cushions. Bottles, bottles everywhere. Everyone you loved confined in one room.
Your bathroom at your parents’ house. The way the air still smells of illness. The way some stains just don’t come out. The way you literally tried to pour yourself out so you would finally be empty. The too-clean square tile where your scale sat for so long.
Treatment. Jail bars. Freedom. Sitting at the table for breakfast. Sitting at the table for lunch. Sitting at the table for dinner. Snacks. Sessions. Groups. Feeling watched. Feeling safe.
Your first apartment. The red wall. The first time you had sex. The first time you fell in love. The first time in years you fed yourself. The first time you set down the bottle, saying “I’ve had enough.”
The first time you went back home. The first time you realized homesick can mean many things.
Oh, the places you’ll leave! by Kim Rhodes (via adderalldust)
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The Empress, The Chariot, Wheel of Fortune, The Hanged Man, The Star

ASKED BY Anonymous

chariot - i think fighting for something is a part of everything in life. i had to fight to keep my job, i’ve had to fight to deal with family issues and just to keep positive with things and stay on track. i think everyone’s fought for something at some point, if not fighting for things everyday 

the hanged man - depends on the person tbh but i’m no saint 

the star - the strength and variety and chaos of people because it’s shocks and surprises me on a daily basis. it gives me the greatest sense of peace and hope knowing that there will always be someone out there who exists in spite of laws and rules and just - humanity. it’s fucked up and raw and inexplicable and honest and emoitonal and sometimes shameful but it keeps me going. 

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i'm sorry if this has been asked before, but have you ever thought about getting a book with your poetry published?

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eek yes and i have been thinking about it a lot lately like trying to get something up on lulu or something, but then i always back out when i’m planning because i don’t think i’m at that Level yet? reading a lot of my poetry i find a lot of it is probably a bit under developed and not really mature enough as far as poetry goes, so truth be told i feel a bit sheepish putting it together in a book and then selling it. BUT that being said i have been thinking about it a loot tt t t  lately so i’m just kind of pondering and thinking it over but than likely it’s something i really really want to do. i guess i just need to just suck it up and do it because i’ve only ever had support about it on here from all you lovely people, but when in my mind i get it solid that people would like to have my stuff in a book and i get the guts to do it i will 100% do it. very soon, hopefully? hopefully? who knows

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Strength, The Hermit, Judgement

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strength - my biggest source strength is probably my family and faith

the hermit - yes and no? i feel like i could happily live in my own space and entertain myself but after a while i’d get very lonely and crave some company of some sort

judgement - hahahaha yes haven’t we all tbh but i haven’t killed a man

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The Empress, The Lovers and The Devil, please

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the empress - on the one hand i crave that that kind of spiritual, honest connection with one person but i don’t want to say soul mate because it doesn’t have to be awe-inspiring or perfect, it just has to be enough to challenge me and want to think fuck, i found it. on the other i hand i really really really want a walk in wardrobe

the lovers - this list changes all the time because i find qualities depend completely on the person and accidental chemistry is often the most surprising? but i would look for someone with a good sense of humour and a warm laugh, someone who would challenge the way i think and make me want to be a better person, someone who is positive and upbeat and relaxed and who wants to explore the world

the devil - ayyyy um okay so i am a very very empathetic person and i understand people’s problems/pain incredibly well but i’m disgusting at being sympathetic and i can be/come off as very cold sometimes? it’s completely unintentional, just like i’m an intensely private person which really irritates me because then i’m really closed off with people and then i wonder why it takes me ages to open up!! which is dumb but something i’m trying to change, but its difficult when it’s so natural for me

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wheel of fortune, the tower!

ASKED BY flickerman

wheel of fortune - probably pay off my mums mortgage, buy myself a walk in wardrobe and a personal library and clothes and lots of pretty things!!!!! then donate the rest to family and start my own charity or build my own mosque because that’s something i really really want to do

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The Tower?

ASKED BY Anonymous

dream home hmmm. i want something big with lots of rooms to make my own, a home with secrets i’d never fully understand, something with a big rustic kitchen and wooden floors. something gorgeous, a suburban camp of its own surrounded by trees and gardens so in the summer everything would be golden and i could open all the windows, but i want it just outside a city because i’d be stifled if i was in the middle of nowhere. my 2nd less realistic dream home would be a castle on a cliff by the ocean hehe 

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female empowerment. i’d make all the little girls everywhere feel golden and whole and strong and full of themselves in the most protective way

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this is really silly but also kinda cool


ペタルダンス, Petal Dance 

- Hiroshi Ishikawa (2013)

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hi, what's your goodreads? :*

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conqueredrome! but i barely ever use it tbh

i wonder how shocked people would be if i swapped out my 8tracks clement icon to a selfie



Face Off

Capturing the first moments of their careers, Piczo shoots new faces, at home.

What makes one face a model and another not? Is it symmetry or feature proportion or electric eyes or far apart eyes or turned down lips – and do all of those things equal a model? Or none of them. Photographer Piczo has been finding and shooting new faces for i-D for a few years now, and recently compiled this collection, taken at his house. With zero styling and zero make up, you get the person before they’ve become the model, and it’s a beautiful phase, that won’t last long.

By i-D Online

these are beautiful


Shinji Moon 

Burn all your bridges
just so that you can build them again
with thicker ropes. 

Hurt all the people you love
and then commit every felony to win them back. 

Drown yourself in bleach until not even Heaven’s light
can compare to how bright you burn. 

Turn yourself inside out
and paint your organs the color of what you see
in your dreams. 

This is the art of 
living with a ticking heart, a grenade you
throw through windows to make a 
point that language 
has no room for. 

This is how I destroyed you.

And this,
is how I kept you alive. 

Dig yourself a ditch, six
feet deep, and bury everything that you’ve ever
said, everything that you’ve never
meant, and everything that has
burned you and left you with nothing
but ash. 


Jon Vidar 
Fimmvörðuháls 03.04.2010


Jon Vidar 

Fimmvörðuháls 03.04.2010